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Our team has extensive experience in different sectors.
Consumer Durable Goods
IT /Telecom
Social Research
Financial & Insurance Services
Industrial Research
Agricultural sector
Rural & Development

Direct Customer Contact
Consumer immersions are necessary for any marketer since they help in giving a first hand feel of how the consumer reacts to various stimuli - not only with respect to client category but in general life per se - which is necessary in wining at market place.

We have the capability to provide DCC pan India. Interviews can be set up with any TG specified by the marketer at a short notice of 2 days in Northern India and 4 days in anywhere else.
Mystery shopping
In today's competitive world, it is critical to provide the customer outstanding service to be able to retain him. Though marketer constantly make norms that need to be adhered to, it is critical to ensure that the front line executives who are the face of the company, adhered these too.

We conduct mystery shopping exercise on demand for clients, where our interviewers pose as customer of the client and evaluate adherence to the pre-defined norms. We can provide multiple inputs depending on the various scenarios that the client is interested in. we have a large team of shoppers in our panel to suit any kind of profile or requirement of client.
Face to face interviews
Face to face interviews still are the most popular way of data collection in India. Our team is well versed with the procedure and very tactfully handles the task as sensitive as this.
Computer Aided Interviews - CAPI,CATI & CAWI
These are Computer Aided interviews. The procedure helps us in collecting the data quickly , accurately .
Car, Motor Cycle, Truck and Durable Clinic
We understand that a clinic generally involves recruiting people to a central location to view, touch and feel either a specific vehicle, or class of vehicles, and requires detailed and specific feedback on features and benefits, value, price, product positioning, product utility, specific functionality, or styling
Focus Group Discussions
We have proven ability to conduct Focus Group Discussions ( FGDs) with different Target Groups , from Housewife's to Owners of premium cars with speed and quality.
Depth interviews
Few research subjects require exhaustive information from respondents for an in-depth study and analysis. In such cases we host in-depth one-on-one interviews. Our team makes it sure that the respondents are totally at ease, the questions are clearly and objectively framed, and that the responses are recorded without any bias. Our processed help us gain maximum inputs for the best results.
Day-in-the-Life-of-a-Customer (DILO)
The process involves observing and interviewing one customer at a time;� this is the "camera" part of the process, where the camera can be metaphoric or real.�We know how to arrange and recruit for such difficult and at times intrusive technique
CLT-(Central Location Tests)
These are the tests that are held at a centrally located place. We have team trained to conduct such an exercise efficiently.
Tracking studies
Tracking studies are a critical tool to monitor brand and advertising performance for any product category.

Our team have the experience to plan and execute tracking studies across locations. We have well trained teams to conduct tracking studies in terms of proper adherence of area planning, stimulus handling (ad stills, pack shots), in field monitoring (accompaniments) and post field checks such as editing, validation of data (back checks)
Customized studies including
Advertising research
Concept generation, development and evaluation studies.
Brand Positioning Studies
New product Development Studies
Market Segmentation studies ( U & A's and Habits and Practice studies )
Market Understanding Studies
Consumer Understanding studies
Soft Skill Training Programme
MindMap Advance Research Pvt. Ltd. - A Market Research Company with a difference is coming up with a programme on SOFT SKILL TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT.
Training given by a faculty having 20 years of experience in the field of Training & Education.
Few words about our Faculty
"Ranjana has a rich experience of 20 yrs in the field of Education, Training, Counseling and Workshops in effective communication & Soft skill. She has handled students from different background - Indian and foreign students across the country.
She has an experience of going through several interview sessions over the years. And each time she found, the most intelligent candidate failed to qualify only due to lack of proper communication and body language, English and smartness. Each time she felt sad because she was helpless at the face of the situation. Sometimes, she used to interview them personally and found out that they lack proper guidance.
Hence SIXTH SENSE decided to undertake a Training Programme and conduct Workshops."
Soft Skill is the Need of the Hour!